Abortion Pill

Abortion Pill at Bristol Women's Health abortion clinic in VA

Abortion Pill / Medication Abortion

Up to 11.0 weeks from first day of last menstrual period (LMP)

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What is the Abortion Pill

The Abortion Pill is a combination of two medications that are taken in our center and in the privacy of your own home. Some women report the medication abortion as being “private” and “more like a miscarriage”.

  • You will take the first pill in our center. It blocks progesterone, a hormone needed to continue the pregnancy.
  • 24-48 hours after taking the first pill in our center, you will take the second set of pills at home.
  • They gently soften and open the cervix so that the discontinued pregnancy can pass through.
  • Most women will completely expel the uterine contents within 6 hours after taking the set of pills at home.
  • You will experience vaginal bleeding similar to a heavy menstrual period and intense cramps.
  • Most women could continue to bleed lightly up to their next period.

Why Choose Us?

  • We can see women in the same day visit
  • We can schedule your follow-up appointment, which is included in the price.
  • You can elect to take a pregnancy test 25-30 days out and/or seek care at your own doctor’s office for follow-up.

Contraception will be discussed and prescribed.

Learn more about what you can expect on the day of your procedure.


~ patient comments ~

Patient Comments Bristol Women's Health abortion clinic in Bristol, Virginia

Wonderful practice

Wonderful practice to receive top quality healthcare with dignity. I am so grateful that this practice is here, providing much needed care. – former patient
Patient comments - abortion pill clinic in Bristol VA Bristol Women's Health abortion clinic.

Less Stressful

I was extremely impressed with the staff, doctors, and the overall cleanliness of the facility! The whole experience was less stressful than expected.” – Google review

Amazing staff!

Amazing staff. I felt safe and informed throughout the entire process.” – former patient

Patient comment at abortion clinic in Virginia - Bristol Women's Health, LLC

No Judgment

I love this clinic. Nonjudgemental caring medical service. They go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable, safe and properly treated.” – Google review

Dedicated to helping women

These people are dedicated to helping women. They truly care about the health of their patients.” – former patient

Patient comment - Right to make a choice at Bristol Women's Health Virginia abortion clinic

Right to make a choice

People should have the right to make a choice. Thank y’all for all you do.” – Google review

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