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Johnson City, TN

Johnson City, TN abortion clinic

Looking for an abortion clinic in Johnson City, TN go to abortion clinic Bristol Women’s Health, LLC (BWH), where we provide affordable abortion care for women residing in Virginia or traveling to the state for safe and legal abortions.

Our Dedication

At BWH, our primary commitment is to offer confidential healthcare to women in a secure and professional setting. We firmly believe in respecting a woman’s reproductive choices, particularly when it comes to her decision to become a parent or not.

Our Facility & Team

Conveniently located in Bristol, Virginia, near Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina, Bristol Women’s Health is an abortion facility dedicated to ensuring your well-being. Our licensed physicians possess extensive expertise and experience in abortion care, while our licensed nurses, laboratory technicians, and trained counselors strictly adhere to Virginia state regulations and local medical standards.


Eligibility for abortion procedures is determined by the physician performing the abortion. For patients traveling long distances, we recommend confirming the pregnancy before scheduling an appointment.

We encourage you to reach out to us with any inquiries or concerns you may have. Our abortion clinic Virginia team is here to assist you.

Understanding the Abortion Pill

The abortion pill comprises two medications that are administered in our center and can also be taken in the privacy of your own home. Many women describe the medication abortion as a “private” and “similar to a miscarriage” experience.

You will receive the first pill at our center, which blocks progesterone, a hormone necessary to sustain the pregnancy. Approximately 24-48 hours later, you will take the second set of pills at home. These pills gently soften and open the cervix, facilitating the passage of the discontinued pregnancy. Most women fully expel the uterine contents within 6 hours after taking the set of pills at home, leading to vaginal bleeding akin to a heavy menstrual period and intense cramps. Light bleeding may persist until your next period.

Why Choose Us?

We offer same-day appointments for women seeking immediate care. Additionally, we can schedule your follow-up appointment, which is included in the price. If desired, you may opt for a pregnancy test 25-30 days later or seek follow-up care with your own physician.


The medication abortion (Abortion Pill) has a 95-98% effectiveness rate in completely terminating a pregnancy. The treatment’s success depends on the regimen and length of pregnancy. In most cases, the Abortion Pill proves successful. In the rare instance of an incomplete abortion, we can safely administer additional medication or perform a surgical abortion at our center.

One week after your first visit, you will return for a third appointment to evaluate the completeness of the abortion through a repeat ultrasound. This visit is included in the price you pay on the day you take the first medication dose and is mandatory. We will also discuss and prescribe contraception during this visit.

Early Surgical Abortion (First Trimester: 6 up to 12 weeks)

Once medical history forms, lab work, and counseling are completed, you will be accompanied to the procedure room. To alleviate anxiety, mild sedation may be provided.

The abortion method employed is vacuum aspiration. The sensation experienced during the procedure varies from person to person, with some comparing it to menstrual cramps. Following the procedure, our attentive nursing staff will closely monitor you in a comfortable recovery room.

Surgical Abortion (Second Trimester: 12.1 up to 16 weeks)

Similar to first trimester surgical procedures, second trimester abortions involve a slightly longer procedure and may require extended recovery time due to the advanced stage of pregnancy.

After Your Surgical Abortion


Following the abortion, you will rest in a comfortable recovery room under the close supervision of our nursing staff.

Before your departure, you will receive a prescription and post-operative instructions. We encourage patients to take their time and rest before leaving our center—there’s no need to rush.


You can resume normal activities the day after your abortion but should avoid strenuous exercise. It is essential to take all prescribed medicines as directed.

Please report any unusual symptoms such as excessive bleeding, severe cramping, or a temperature over 100.4 degrees F to our center immediately.

Follow-up Care

Around three weeks after your procedure, you are welcome to return to our center for a follow-up examination. Alternatively, you can seek follow-up care from your personal physician.


  • Payment is due at time of service
  • We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Cardholder must be present.
  • No personal checks

Abortion Fees

Johnson City, TN Medical Abortion / Abortion Pill

up to 12.0 weeks $500

Johnson City, TN Surgical Abortion (in-office procedure)

up to 12.0 weeks $500
12.1-13 weeks $750
13.1-14 weeks $850
14.1-15 weeks $950
15.1-16 weeks $1050

(Twin or multiple pregnancy adds $200 to the price over 13 weeks)

Ultrasound $150
Rhogam (mini dose) $50
Rhogam (full dose) $100
Pregnancy Test $20

Financial Assistance

Johnson City, TN abortion clinic refers patients to Bristol Women’s Health where we are dedicated to providing safe and legal abortion care regardless of a woman’s financial situation.

We work with multiple funding sources:

Call to speak with one of our experienced phone personnel to find out about the funding.

Learn about fake clinics and how to avoid them.

Bristol Women's Health Clinic is a REAL CLINIC offering safe, legal abortion care.
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